Hi my friends!! Today I want to talk to you about on of the most creative processes available to us. This creative process is affirmations. Affirmations are like the seeds of creation that we plant in our brain and if we give them enough time and love to grow, we will experience them in our lives and emotional state.

What is an affirmation?

Affirmations are like a declaration to our subconscious mind of what we want. They are positive or negative in nature. The thing is the subconscious mind doesn’t read positive or negative it just sees everything we affirm as the truth. If you affirm it enough it will become your belief and eventually your reality.

Each of us as an internal dialogue that runs in our brain. A kind of self communication tool. Each of us speak to ourselves whether we like it or not. Some of the time it will be positive and nourishing, though most of us don’t leave it in check and it is negative and self-deprecating.

Every sentence to speak or think is an affirmation. Don’t let this worry you.

“Now I have to think about every thought and word? “You ask.

No that would be impossible. What I am asking you to do is just be aware. Be aware and take note how you talk to yourself. Is it positive or negative? If it is positive more often than not then you are doing great. If it is negative more regularly then we need to work on it.

Now we know that what we affirm to ourself is taken as absolute truth by the subconscious mind, when we say things such as

“I’m too stupid”
“I’m too fat”
“I am unloveable”
“Nothing ever goes right for me”
And most sadly
“I’m not good enough”

Our subconscious mind takes that information and makes it our truth, our beliefs about ourself.

When we start to say these things enough they become a deep rooted belief that will be hard to break. We start to act on these beliefs and without knowing it we self-sabotage our lives. When the chance of growth and opportunity arise, we will run away or not even see it. We will never try because we just keep affirming our beliefs and the world keeps showing us.

The world shows us because our brains are wired to find and point out the things we believe to be true. Our brain likes to find the easiest way to make life work for us. It does this by following our hard wired beliefs. I will talk more about this in a future blog

Changing the story

Don’t fear, there is hope and chance to make a huge difference to your life. If what I said above is true for you, congratulate yourself!! You have gotten really good at telling yourself how terrible you are..... That means you CAN become really good at telling yourself how good you are. This is great news.

Start to consciously affirm the changes you want in yourself and in life. Rather than affirming, “I can’t do it” you may say.

“I am good enough to do anything”
“I accept myself just as I am”
“I easily make changes for the better”
“I love and approve of myself”
“Everything works out for me”

These are just examples and very general but I emplore you to go specific and keep using them on a daily basis.

Think of affirmation as seeds

When planting a seed in our garden we must tend to it. Make sure the soil is right, water and feed it. We keep doing this even though on the surface we see no change. Things grow in there own time and the same is true with change and affirmations. Trust that it is coming just as you would a flower. As you trust and keep doing the work your life will change and flower into something beautiful just the planted seed.

Give it time and stay consistent and the affirmations will take root. Sometimes it will seem as though things get worse for a moment or two. Many will stop here but don’t. Just like a young child your brain will fight change. Consistent reminding (use of affirmations) will bring your brain into alignment of the new way if thinking.

After a while these affirmations and more positive approach will become your normal. The brain will form links and turn this into a habit and then a belief. When we reach this point our lives change in ways we would not believe.

A quick story of how I used affirmations

When I returned to Jersey Boys for the second time, I was coming back to a show that I left lacking confidence and anxious. Upon returning these worries started to resurface and I knew that if I did not use the power of affirmations I would fall back into my old bad habits and ruin a great opportunity.

Everyday leading up to rehearsals I would say my affirmations. I would say things like

“I love my job, it is so easy for me”

“Everyone loves and respects me at work.”

“I do such an amazing job and really enjoy everyday”

I believe thanks to this work I have found one of the hardest roles for a male lead to play has felt joyous and easy to me. I say that with no arrogance just a sense of awe and wonder in the power of affirmations.

I have used affirmations to create some amazing things in my life and I look forward to sharing them with you as time goes on.

Promise me to try. 30 days minimum. Pick one area of life you want to change and affirm that change.

Always affirm things as if they have already become true for you.

Example: 1) I am so happy and confident
2) I love my new Job

Use these daily and tell me your experience using them.

Michael Watson aka Confidence Coach