Recently I was so fortunate to achieve a goal I set for myself. I couldn’t believe how perfectly it worked out in the end and I promise I will tell you this whole story in full one day in another blog. Though today I want to tell you a range of actions and techniques to achieve any goal. The techniques I point out in this blog were the exact steps I took and ones that are known to help people achieve their desires.

Be clear about your goal.

The first step is to get so clear on what your goal is. It’s time to get specific. If we are not certain of the end destination we end up going nowhere. The results become as messy as our unfocused mind.

Decide what you want and know that you want it. See it so clearly in you mind and focus in on it. At this point you may want to write it down. You are 33% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down.

For example if you want a new job. Don’t just write down “I want a new job”. It lacks focus and certainty. Remember many people want a new job. Unless you get specific you start looking everywhere for everything and never get anywhere in the process. It’s time write down the exact job you want and where. What’s the hours and the salary? The more specific you get the better. Remember from my other blogs and videos, we are trying to create a clear vision in our heads.

Give yourself compelling reasons why you want your goal.

What’s the reason behind wanting to achieve your goals. There are reasons we want certain things in our lives. Make them totally compelling to you. Getting to the end result will take massive action to achieve it. It is also likely you will hit bumps in the road. When your reasons for achievement are more compelling than the effort/pain it requires to get there, you will get up after every knock down. Without this we are much more likely to quit.

What are your reasons? Love? Family? Ultimate passion? make the reason feel so powerful that you feel the rush of energy in your entire body. Remember these reasons have to be the strongest emotional motivators you know.

Have Faith

Know with utter certainty that you are going to do it. There is no chance that you won’t. It is already done, you just need to catch up with it. Feel it so fully in your soul that you end goal is a reality for you. Faith is one of the strongest tools we have with our mind. If we believe it’s real our mind finds a way to make it so. There are driving forces in this thing we call life that spring to action to make it happen for us.

Your thoughts are so powerful and when you truly believe something with utter faith I believe it will become true for you.

Faith is when no matter what you face you still believe it without question. Become strong in this resolve and have faith your goal is already achieved and you will just step into it. Don’t let yourself get disheartened because you have faith enough to know it will be.

These 3 steps are the big essentials and you should always do this when setting goals. The next few steps just supercharge your desires into reality.

Take determined action

This one will seem obvious but many of us just start and then see what happens... NO NO NO!! Take determined action everyday and don’t stop. Everyday do something more to the achievement of your goal.

Make the action have meaning too. What’s the best action for your goal today! Set it in motion. Remember you will have to put in the energy to achieve. So don’t sit back. Get up and get out there and make it happen. Move forward with determined targeted action.

Visualise daily

Start to visualise your goal as a reality. See yourself at the desired point of life and vividly create the movie of it in your brain. See the sights and smell the smells. How are people reacting to you.? What are you wearing. Get specific and make the image as clear as possible.

The most vital part of this step is to feel the way you feel living in that created reality. You subconscious mind believes what ever we visualise to be real. It then starts to want see more things that make us believe that reality and sets our unconscious plan to make it a reality. It is so powerful to creating our future.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We don’t know everything in this life. There are people out there that know a lot more than us. This is great news. Ask them for help and let them guide you on the steps of your plan that you feel weaker  in. Be it a coach, mentor, friend or family. If they have knowledge that can help you ask for it. Don’t be afraid. Empires aren’t built with just one person. Get help and appreciate it.

Talk to yourself kindly and empower yourself. (Affirmations)

It’s time to start telling yourself that you are great and you deserve this. This goal is easy for you and it’s just a matter of time. When the going gets tough, just say to yourself how strong you are.

You really can do this so start telling yourself you can and will.

Congratulate yourself

Along the path to your goals you will have many mini victories. Take the time to congratulate yourself and feel proud. You are making progress and that is amazing. Don’t down play your achievement so far. Be proud of the steps you’ve taken and celebrate them. You are doing great!!


We have desires and goals. Some we achieve and some we don’t. The tools I have given you here can greatly increase the chance of the outcome you deserve. Don’t negate the power of determination.

My favourite point is making your reasons for achievement so compelling that it pushes you forward.

Start today and make it happen. I believe in you

Michael Watson

Aka Confidence Coach